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There are two big steps to take

  1. Informing HotDoodle about the new domain. See how to do this.
  2. Pointing the domain to HotDoodle

If your domain is registered with webnames, here are the steps to cause your domain to reference towards your HotDoodle site.

Note: webnames might change their interface, so these screen shots are simply an example.

Log into your webnames Account. View the side menu bar and click manage domain. Find your your domain and click.


Next, there are two ways to keep the name servers up to date

  1. The Easy Way: Use the HotDoodle name servers and we will update these records automatically to work with your site and email.
  2. The Hard Way: Use the name server of the company that sold you the domain and update the Cname, Aname, and MX records by hand.

We strongly encourage the easy way. Besides simplicity, one key advantage is that if we ever need to move to a different internet address we will make the changes automatically.

Doing it the Easy Way: Use HotDoodle Nameservers

Setting the HotDoodle Name Servers

Click on the service tab.


and chose the free domain management bundle


Now you can enter the HotDoodle nameservers:

The values you want are:



Click the OK button and the task of pointing the domain to your Hotoodle site is done! 


You Are Done!
(Do not do any of the steps shown below) 







Doing It the Hard Way: Adjusting webnames Records by Hand

We strongly recommend that you do NOT do things this way and that you use the easy way shown above instead. However, if you insist on using webnames name servers, here is what you would set.

(Under construction)

Do NOT do any of this if you have done things the easy way.
Stop, go home, you are done with the domain side of things!
(But you still have to tell HotDoodle about the domain. See the "Telling HotDoodle" page.)

Save and Wait

It takes time for the change to take effect in the internet. We have seen times range from 20 minutes to 1 day although the internet standard allows up to 4 days for such a change.

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