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Your WHOIS information

Domains are associated with "WHOIS" information that lists contacts for administration, billing, and technical. This information is publicly available and is part of the internet standard.   The standard also requires occasional messages such as this one:

ICANN, the organization responsible for the stability of the Internet,
requires that each domain name registrant be given the opportunity to
correct any inaccurate contact data

Domains Bought from HotDoodle

HotDoodle cannot directly sell domains -- very few companies can do so and they are generally whole-sellers who do not sell to the public. Instead, like almost everybody else, we acquire the domain through one of those few companies.   The company we use is OpenSRS, one of the leaders and most flexible of the alternatives.

At HotDoodle we do not believe in locking your domain into our services. If you ever wanted to take it somewhere else we would be sad, but supportive. We express this belief by not holding your domain in our name but by instead giving you direct and separate access to an OpenSRS account that has your domains.   The username and password for this OpenSRS account is taken when we sell the domain and we store it for your future reference.

What Can be Managed at OpenSRS

About the only things you can set about your domain at OpenSRS is the WHOIS information and the "nameservers" for the domain. The nameservers are where the real action happens in associating your domain to websites and email.

HotDoodle provides nameservers for sites that use us. However, it you take your domain somewhere else you will have to look to that somewhere else to provide domain name services.

Getting to the Config Domains Screen

Domains are managed from the "Config Domains" screen.

If you are in the HotDoodle main site:

Go to the "My Stuff" page, find your site and
click Get Domain.  


If you are within your site:

From the "Administration" tab on the toolbar, chose Configure Site.
  then choose

Once in the Site Options screen,
click   Config Domains  


To Find your OpenSRS Username and Password

In the Config Domains screen find the domain and edit it.

In it you will find the OpenSRS username and password you first used.

Note: this screen also has a link for you to administer your HotDoodle nameservices. This is super-techie and is not recommended. 

Administering Your Domain

To manage your domain, log in to

You will then be given a screen of your options.

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