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HotDoodle is Software as a Service (SaaS) that was developed by Metabyte, Inc., a leading information technology (IT) services company trusted by Fortune 500 and mid-market enterprises worldwide. HotDoodle is not affiliated with Google but does support Google interfaces.

Supported Interfaces
  • SiteMaps Site Ownership Verification
The Google SiteMaps Program allows you to see statistics about how Google has indexed your site. In order to do so, you must prove site ownership by providing a special file such as "google76b783fac5100bb9.html" to Google. To create this file, click the "Site" button in the edit bar and select "Advanced Administration." You will see a link titled "Verify Site Ownership to Google."
  • Google Analytics
In order to utilize Google Analytics, you must incorporate your Google Analytics account code into your site. Do so by clicking the "Site" button in the edit bar and select "Configure." Under "Site Preferences" you will see a field for the Google Analytics code.
  • AdWords
Google AdWords places advertisements onto your site. To enable this, insert a Banner Ad block and use the Google view. 
  • Search
Google offers a search blocks for websites. Note that Google and other search engines may take weeks or even months to update their search indexes with changes made in your site while the HotDoodle search is always current.
  • Page URL Aliases

Search engines might rank a page slightly higher if its URL contains a phrase used in the search. To set your page alias, Click the "Page" button found in the control bar and select "Edit Page Name." Under "Properties" you will see a 'Page URL Alias' field.

Note: Use underbars to make it easy for search engines to figure out what you mean. ?section=fremonthypnotherapist can qualify in a search for a hyp rapist in fremont. Using an underbar as in ?section=fremont_hypnotherapist lets the engines know how to interpret the phrase.

  • Campaigns
There are no issues with targeting your site with Google campaigns. Just use your site's URL, or to land on a particular page use a ?section= argument. This can be combined with URL aliases. For example, a HotDoodle campaign for wedding planners might have Google send folks to
  • Campaign Conversion Events
In the advanced fields of a page's name and properties is a place to enger an id and label from the Google campaign tracking javascript. This provides the option to utilize Google's tracking logs; However, HotDoodle's built in tracking logs are detailed and far useful for most people.
  • Campaign Tracking
HotDoodle provides very detailed visitor tracking which can be filtered to show only the visits from Google campaigns. To see these logs, from the control bar use Site/advanced administration and then click on the Session Logs link.  Once there, the IP log and the Campaign log are the most useful for tracking campaign activities.

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