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Managing User & Group Accounts

Users are the electronic identities associated with people who use a HotDoodle site. These identities are shared across those sites where the user is an active member and has been granted permission to participate. Site administrators manage permissions, which can be assigned to individual users or set of users of users (group) within a site.

It is up to individuals to join the groups they desire on the site. Groups may be set to allow individuals to join without further authorization, or to have requests approved or denied by a group owner.

 Managing Group Accounts Video
 Managing User Accounts Video


Users can mange their group memberships by editing their profile and selecting the join or leave groups link. The same edit profile page allows group owners to accept or deny requests to join.

Group Membership Block

Some pages will have a group membership block that will list the members of a group. To join or leave, go to "Manage Group Account," which is found in the tool bar, and follow the link to join or leave groups.

Private Pages

The ability to easily create private discussions and coordination pages is a powerful HotDoodle feature. You can have externally facing pages that reflect distinct and carefully reviewed content, while there are private pages only accessible by company or organization members.

For example, the external page might announce a ball game and fund raiser and would give a description of the event and the incentives to come. The private pages might have lists of volunteers, to-do lists, discussions, and planning calendars.

Note: These private pages are configured to be visible only to members of a group or specified individual site members.

Setting Age an Requirement

An age requirement for accessing certain site content can be implemented. Click on the "Site" button in the tool bar. Select "Configure," then "Site identification." Specify age limit for page viewing.

Note: If an age limit is set at any point, all registration forms will request a month and year of birth (the day is not requested).  All users who have not entered a month and year will be asked to enter one when they next login and will not be able to see any main area content until this information is provided.

A user who is under the age limit is treated as if they had not logged in. Any permissions they formally had is ignored, and any permissions they may receive is denied.

Assigning an age limit makes your site less accessible, but depending on the site's content and interaction such limits may be wise or even mandated by law.


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