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Picture Album Block

The Picture Albums Block allows you to display pictures and their thumbnails.

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Albums are designed to store and present large number of images, therefore each picture albums block can store multiple albums. Images uploaded to the gallery are stored on HotDoodle. If they exceed the maximum allowed image dimensions, they are downsized. Smaller thumbnails are created to show the image in collections. For more on this, please read "Image Location" and "Size matters"

Images may have names and they may have descriptions. The descriptions can use HTML formatting.  For individuals, the description might often be mostly textual while a business might carefully craft the exact look of their image description.

The image gallery module holds any number of named image galleries. These galleries may themselves have formatted descriptions. When a gallery is browsed, its name and description is shown and images are displayed in a grid N images wide, where N is set on a per image gallery basis. The size of each image is downsized to be no larger than a limit that is established per gallery. If the image is clicked then a bigger image is displayed and sometimes the original even larger image may be downloaded.

Image galleries may be set to reflect a certain amount of images on the main page. This can give a flavor to the galleries contents without requiring the user to opent he gallery. Be weary of displaying a large amount of images on one page so that the page becomes slow to load for individuals with slower internet connections.

Two Unique Gallery Views:

  • Rotator: This views shows one picture only (no matter what the settings) choisen at random from the first image gallery. Using this can keep a site fresh such as rotating amoung 6 pictures of a town or of a business's staff.
  • OnePic: This view shows the first picture from the first album. It differs from the Rotator view mainly in that the buttons are designed to encourage the blocks owner to upload or replace the picture. This view is excellent when used in a "Member Profile" page.


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