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This part of the userguide contains details about site payments, shutdowns, backups, etc.


Payments are handled by the site owner from the HotDoodle main site.   Site fees are month to month. You may pay in advance, but the surplus is held as a balance from which the monthly fees are deducted when they are due.

To make a payment:
Click on the Add Funds button from the My Stuff page or click the payment plan icon from the toolbar within your site and then click the Add Funds button.

You may maye a one-time payment or you can set up a monthly subscriptions. Electronic payments (e.g. credit cards) to HotDoodle are made via PayPal – you do not have to join PayPal to simply make a payment.   Payments by cash or check are allowed only for amounts of $100.00 or more.

Types of Funds

In the "My Balances" portion of the My Stuff page you may see multiple types of funds:

  • General Fund -- This is the only fund from which moiney can ge added or withdrawn. It is also the fund from which monthly hosting fees are withdrawn. This fund is seen only by you and by HotDoodle.
  • Reserve: [Project name] -- This fund holds balances set aside for payment of a PenPal project and is seen by both the customer and the PenPal. However, when a payment is made on a project, the funds are moved to the PenPal's general fund.


Like many electronic sites, HotDoodle does not generate invoices. Either the funds are there when the service is rendered, or else the service is not rendered.

As a comparison, consider any of the photo purchase sites (e.g. or   With these, they do not first give you photos and then invoice you.   They simply will not give you the photos unless the funds are already available.  Similarly, Google ads quit running when the funds are consumed.

HotDoodle will, however, give you a detailed accounting of how your funds have been moved or consumed. Click on "view history" for any fund and you will see each transaction.


HotDoodle will send reminder emails when monthly site fees are due if there are not enough general funds to cover the amount due. The reminders are sent after a 5 day grace period.

While the site is technically unpaid during the grade period, HotDoodle has one of the most generious shutdown policy of any service of its type. Rather than just shut down a site, there is about a 28 day period of phased in shutdown with reminder emails at eadh step. In case the emails are being filtered, warning messages are also shown when admins log into their site. See Shutdowns.


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