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Product Catalog Block

The Product Catalog Box lets you insert pictures, text, recordings and other sales information in a product catalog format.

Sometimes a site has multiple items to sell. The product catalog block will allow the description and categorization of a large number of items. Each item can have a picture, a short description, a longer description seen only when clicked, and a price.

Users will be able to browse, and click items.  When they checkout an order list will be emailed to them and to members of a group set by the site. If PayPal is enabled they can then complete the purchase.

Note: The product catalog can be used without PayPal integration.

Example Product Catalog

Order   Part No Description Name Price
s1 Sneakers ideal for runners

Great Running Shoes.

Running shoes have become more complicated over the years, but still consist of some basic components:

The outsole: This is the treaded layer on the undersurface of the shoe, usually made from carbon rubber or similar material. It resists wears and provides traction. It may also have a studded or waffle design to enhance traction on softer surfaces.

The midsole: This is considered the most important part of running shoes as it is the cushioning and stability layer between the upper and the outsole. The most common materials for the midsole of running shoes is ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA), polyurethane (PU) or a combination of the two. Often there is a dual-density midsole that has a firmer material on the inner side (medial side) to help limit pronation (rolling in) of the foot. A lot of proprietary technologies developed by different manufacturers go into the midsoles of running shoes (eg air, gel and high-tech plastics materials).

The upper: This is the part of the shoe that wraps around and over the top of the foot. It may be made of leather or a synthetic material that is lighter and breathable (to reduce heat from inside the running shoe). The tongue of the upper should be padded to cushion the top of the foot against the pressure from the laces. Often, at the back of the running shoe, the upper is padded to prevent rubbing and irritation against the achilles tendon.

Red Swirl $42.00
s2 Bright for Kids

How to choose running shoes:

All the runners need the best protection that running shoes can provide - the running shoe needs to absorb shock, control motion, be flexible and be durable. Because of the complexity of individual foot biomechanics and the complexity of running shoes on the market, it is usually a good idea to go to a specialty running shoe store as they will have the expertise to help you find the best running shoe for your individual needs.

To help you get the best shoe, here are some tips that will help:

  • shop in the later part of the afternoon - feet get bigger during the day and they will get bigger when running
  • wear the socks that you would normally wear during running
  • a number of other factors should be taken into account when deciding which shoe is best for you - such as how much you run; how heavy you are; presence of any specific foot problems
  • it often can help to bring an old pair of shoes with you, so the sales person can see where your shoes tend to wear the most

    Which is the best running shoe:

    There is no best running shoe. Every runner is different; every brand of running shoes is different; each model of running shoe is different - the challenge is to match the features of each runner to the features of a particular brand and model of running shoe. This is why going to a specialty running shop where specialized knowledge provided is so important. If you are comfortable in your knowledge of your foot biomechanics and the type of shoe that is most suitable for you, we recommend online purchases here.

    How to decide which type of running shoe you need:

    The first step is deciding the type of foot you have - it is probably the most important aspect of matching a brand and model of running shoe to the individual. During normal running (and walking), the outside of the heel strikes the ground first (supinated position) - this is why the wear is common in this area. The foot then rolls inward and flattens out along the longitudinal arch-pronation (pronation). The foot should then supinate by rolling through the ball - this helps make the foot a rigid lever for efficient propulsion. A number of different biomechanical problems can interfere with these normal motions. A running shoe can help facilitate this normal function and help overcome many of the minor biomechanical problems that interfere with a motion. An inappropriate running shoe can actually have the effect of interfering with this normal function.

    Usually, most runners who develop an injury either supinate (roll out) or pronate (roll in) too much. Normal amounts of pronation and supination are needed for normal function, but abnormal amounts increase the risk for injury.

    Zebra Shoes $36.00

    Order   Part No Description Name Price
    p1 Ideal for busy desks
    This swanky corded desk phone looks great and keeps ringing even in power outages--a huge advantage over cordless phones. The mechanical bell is distinctively retro in today's atmosphere of beeps and buzzes. Designed with modern features like push-button dialing and hearing aid compatibility, the Conair SW2504GPH Classic Design Desk Phone is a giant technological step up from the phones of the 40's. Conair provides a generous two-year warranty covering parts and service.

    Product Description
    Conairphone built its business with standard corded telephones, which are still its foundation. However, Conairphone continues to strengthen its leadership role in the consumer electronics industry by introducing dynamic telephone designs. This reinforces Conairphone's commitment to design, fashion and value.PRODUCT FEATURES: Classic telephone; Mechanical bell ringer with On/Off control; Receiver volume control; Fully modular.
    Ofice Phone $73.00
    p1 Simple binder Paper Clip $1.54

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