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Domains and Your Site

Domains are the web addresses of your site.  Each site automatically has a HotDoodle based name such as but these names include the phrase "HotDoodle" and may be hard to remember.  You have the option of buying the rights to a name (a domain) and associating it to your site. e.g.

  • When such a domain is used it is possible for the site to never mention HotDoodle
  • It does not matter if the domains were purchased from us, from somewhere else, or from both


Acquiring Your Domain

HotDoodle Sells Domains

Domains can be purchased and renewed through HotDoodle at a flat rate of $15/year. Domains purchased via HotDoodle are automatically configured with your HotDoodle website.

  • Pros: No fuss, no renewal price jumps
  • Cons: Might cost a few dollars more

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Using Domains Already Owned

Domains purchased outside of HotDoodle, via external domain vendors (GoDaddy, Network Solutions, etc.), may be used for HotDoodle sites. Externally purchased domains require some configuration in your HotDoodle website account, and re-directing via your respective vendor's domain name management settings.

  • Pros: You might save a few dollars
  • Cons: Setting up DNS records is tricky and you may have to work through very techie screens on the site that sold you the domain.

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Multiple Domains

You may have multiple domain names with your HotDoodle site.  For example, the HotDoodle site 'bnitricities' might be called

There is no charge for having multiple domains associated with a site.

All the domains will see the same site with the same home page and the same contents. The domain part of the URL will be the only difference.

The domain name and your website name do not have to be the same or even similar. might actually be  Also, the title shown on the site and in the windows command bar can be different than any of these.  It would be confusing to have these all be differnt, but it is allowed.

  • The domains will all resolve to the same web site and the same home page
  • Only one of the domains can have email capabilities. 

  • Rules for URLS and Domains

  • Do not include 'www.' in the domain -- all domains will automatically work with the 'www.' version of their name.
  • Do include the ".com" or other suffix in the domain
  • The domain will be all lower case. (Browsers accept uppercase URLs, but the 'real' URL is lower case.)
  • Domains can have dashes [-] but cannot have spaces, periods, commas, underscores, or other punctuation.
  • It is OK to have HotDoodle recognize the domain before the domain points to HotDoodle.
  • Domain changes made at HotDoodle take up to an hour to be processed
  • Domain changes take up to an 72 hours to be propagated throughout the internet

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