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Layouts are preprocessed HTML files with callouts to replaceable content. The site chooses a layout that is the default for all pages, but each page gets to choose a layout variation if needed. These choices really just affect which HTML file will be preprocessed and used to present the page.

Example: Having a sidebar on one side, on both, or not at all generates unique sets of basic HTML structure for the site.
  • This is the only part of the Template that has an advanced feature that allows you to change any of the HTML that makes up a site. All other HTML is generated by the HotDoodle engine and cannot be edited.
HotDoodle offers two options for modifying the Layout and the structure within the Layout:
  • Configuring your layout allows you to choose where to implement sidebars, footers, headers, etc.
  • Fine-tuning your layout allows you to choose what Block content is available in the Header, Sidebar, Footer, etc.
To configure Layout:
  1. The CSS can be edited directly in the text field, or copied out and back in if you have a different text editor you prefer using.
  2. When changes are complete, click Save as a Custom Look button and preview it.
  3. On Control Bar, click either Return to main page or New Window, whichever you prefer for previewing.
  • Select Look button | Save this Look and Layout if you like it
  • Or, Select Look button | Cancel Look and Layout previewing if you don’t
  • Or, Select Look button | Configure Layout to go back to the list of Layouts and choose another
To fine tune Layout:
  1. On the Control Bar at the top of the screen, click the Edit button to enter Edit Mode. More buttons will appear on the Control Bar.
  2. Select the Site button | Configure | Layout
  3. Click the Fine Tune Your Layout button
  • Select the radio button of the Layout option you’d like to have
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Save button
Note: Recommend making note of your original choice, just in case you go back to it.

Example of what can be set via Fine Tune Your Layout:
  • What goes in the header (logo + text, a navigation bar, a picture block, or a general block, etc.)
  • What goes in each sidebar
  • If the main area has a built in You Are Here block
  • What goes in the footer
If none of the pre-build Layouts work, you can make a copy of the current Layout or the Layout closest to your needs, and then customize the HMTL. To do this:
  1. Search the page for the Layout marked “Current Layout”
  2. Click on “Copy and Customize this Layout” link
  3. Enter a name for your new Layout, and click the Save this as a new custom layout button
  4. Once it is saved, you can edit the HTML directly and then preview your changes
Note: Layouts have a few things such as the control bar that really should be present. Other things like the headers generally should be present but might be omitted if the layout is intended for use as a pop-up.

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