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Emailing From Site

Sending Email

HotDoodle has email capabilities for the following purposes:

  • System messages - request for lost or forgotten passwords or account names
  • Change notification - site owner has subscribed to to receive notifications when changes to certain areas in the site occur
  • Group Email - members of a group receive email from site admin or other site members


Messages may be sent to a user's personal email address, to a special on-site inbox, or to both.

(If you want to know about having email with one of your site's domains, read Managing Email)

Subscribing to Emails

Users may ask to "subscribe" to part of the site which means that they are informed when that part of the site changes. This notification is in the form of a message that is sent to their email address or to an on site "inbox" that holds the messages, or to both.

It is possible for people to subscribe to many site areas. Another, rather efficient option, is being able to define a group, a collection of users. Once a group is classified, the group administrator can subscribe group members to appropriate places.

The flexible nature of HotDoodle allows there to be many discussions and subpages.  Strong examples are community oriented sites with multiple areas dedicated to range of topics. Notifications can be sent with discretion and specific control.

Note: To manage messaging or recipients, click "Manage User Accounts" or "Manage Group Accounts," which are found under the "Site" button in the tool bar.

Email Lists

Messages can be sent to group members, however messages can be configured to allow messages to be sent from group administrators, from all group members, or from any registered user. All message enabled groups are summarized on the "My Account" page.

Email Account Options

When you register or visit your account profile, you have the following email options:

  • Email Address - If supplied, this will be used for system messages such as password regeneration. You do not have to supply an email address to join HotDoodle, but it is best to supply one and set the other options to filter out whatever is unwanted.
  • Other users? - Sets if the above email address will be shown to those other users who are allowed to message you. If you show your email address you make it easier for people to contact you outside of HotDoodle, but you also make it easier for the address to get picked up by spammers.
  • I want my email? - HotDoodle allows formatted text almost everywhere. Formatted messages may look odd or loose content if converted to plain text. HotDoodle will convert to plain text if specified.
  • Communications from my groups - Manages the emailing capability of those members eligible to message you. In addition, messaging can be configured to go to your email address or to the site inbox.
  • My subscriptions should - This decides if you get subscription change notices and if these go to your email address or to the site inbox.

Banned Users

Users may ban each other. If either user bans the other, then communication will not be possible between them.

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