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HotDoodle has many levels of support for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Site Meta Tags
Site / Configure / Site Identification lets you set default titles, meta tags, and meta descriptions for all pages in the site.
Page Titles and Meta Tags
Page / Edit Page Name and Properties allows you to set page specific titles and meta information. See the advanced tab.
Search Engine View

Search engines just do not see pages the way people do, so we include a "See the page the way search engines see it" capability on every page. See *this* page the way search engines see it.

Automatic Site Maps
All HotDoodle sites can have site maps found by search engines that include pages casual visitors do not find in the normal menus. All of the public portions of your site gets indexed and may qualify for search hits.
Pages Found Only by Search Engines
A page can be marked as not to be "Shown in Menu".  This can be used for "Thank You" pages not found except by some special navigation, but they can also be used for search qualification.
Text Found Only By Search Engines
Some blocks may be set to be seen only by search engines. See Access and Permissions.
Alternative Home Pages

HotDoodle sites have a unique capability to have Alternative Home Pages. These pages take the place of the home page for a certain visitor. For the duration of that visitor's session, every time they go to "home" they get their particular alternative home page. The alternative home page will take the place of the standard home page in the menu and will share the same children pages.

Search Engine Bait Permutation Generators

HotDoodle sites can have article blocks that combine search "bait". For example, if there were "location" search bait for Fremont and Hayward and "service" search bait for "weight loss" and "stop smoking", the combinations would be "Fremont Stop Smoking", "Hayward Weight Loss", etc. It is not just the labels that are combined, it is the entire blocks of serch bait. These combinations then become present on URLs the serch engines interpret as new pages, so in essence there would be a page dedicated to "Fremont Weight Loss", another to "Hayward weight loss", etc.

Advanced and Detailed Logging

HotDoodle logs are much more detailed than are external logs (such as Google Analytics) and are much more than a simple listing of webserver activity. Search hits are reported, all access from a visitor session can be traced or all access from a machine, visits are summarized by conversion events, etc.

Google Analytics Integration

HotDoodle page browses are reported to Google analytics. Also supported is google Site Ownership Verification and adwords.

Google Campaign Tracking

HotDoodle pages can be marked as Google campaign events and as such would show up in the Google campaign logs.

Page URL Aliases

Search engines might rank a page slightly higher if its URL contains a phrase used in the search, and HotDoodle page names can have such phrases.

Link Exchanges

Search placement increases as more sites link into your site. HotDoodle sites can participate in automatic link exchanges with other HotDoodle sites. The domains for the site can be added to a link pool, and once added every site in the pool will instantly and automatically have 2 outgoing links to that domain with the search terms of your choice. Similarly, your site will link to theirs, but these links are done in a way that only web walkers (e.g. search engines) are likely to find them.

SEO Projects

As you can see from the items above, HotDoodle supports many SEO approaches, but getting started with SEO can be intimidating. That is why we have a SEO site enhancement package where we or a third party PenPal will incorporate these SEO tricks for you.

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