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Name: Zebra Shoes
Part No: s2

Price:  $36.00

How to choose running shoes:

All the runners need the best protection that running shoes can provide - the running shoe needs to absorb shock, control motion, be flexible and be durable. Because of the complexity of individual foot biomechanics and the complexity of running shoes on the market, it is usually a good idea to go to a specialty running shoe store as they will have the expertise to help you find the best running shoe for your individual needs.

To help you get the best shoe, here are some tips that will help:

  • shop in the later part of the afternoon - feet get bigger during the day and they will get bigger when running
  • wear the socks that you would normally wear during running
  • a number of other factors should be taken into account when deciding which shoe is best for you - such as how much you run; how heavy you are; presence of any specific foot problems
  • it often can help to bring an old pair of shoes with you, so the sales person can see where your shoes tend to wear the most

    Which is the best running shoe:

    There is no best running shoe. Every runner is different; every brand of running shoes is different; each model of running shoe is different - the challenge is to match the features of each runner to the features of a particular brand and model of running shoe. This is why going to a specialty running shop where specialized knowledge provided is so important. If you are comfortable in your knowledge of your foot biomechanics and the type of shoe that is most suitable for you, we recommend online purchases here.

    How to decide which type of running shoe you need:

    The first step is deciding the type of foot you have - it is probably the most important aspect of matching a brand and model of running shoe to the individual. During normal running (and walking), the outside of the heel strikes the ground first (supinated position) - this is why the wear is common in this area. The foot then rolls inward and flattens out along the longitudinal arch-pronation (pronation). The foot should then supinate by rolling through the ball - this helps make the foot a rigid lever for efficient propulsion. A number of different biomechanical problems can interfere with these normal motions. A running shoe can help facilitate this normal function and help overcome many of the minor biomechanical problems that interfere with a motion. An inappropriate running shoe can actually have the effect of interfering with this normal function.

    Usually, most runners who develop an injury either supinate (roll out) or pronate (roll in) too much. Normal amounts of pronation and supination are needed for normal function, but abnormal amounts increase the risk for injury.

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