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Debugging Domains

What if your site is still not working with your domain?   It could be a problem with getting the domain to point to HotDoodle, or it could be a problem with getting the HotDoodle to make the domain go to your website. The Config Domains screen in HotDoodle offers an automated domain validation that can be useful.


Getting to the Config Domains Screen

Domains are managed from the "Config Domains" screen.

If you are in the HotDoodle main site:

Go to the "My Stuff" page, find your site and
click Get Domain.  


If you are within your site:

From the "Administration" tab on the toolbar, chose Configure Site.
  then choose

Once in the Site Options screen,
click   Config Domains  


Look at the Validation

In the Config Domains screen, scroll down and find your domain.  

If you do not see it, then you need to do the steps Telling HotDoodle

If you see it and it has messages in red, read those messages as they can tell you what is wrong. 

"Verify Domain"

If the red domain diagnostic messages are not enough, click the "verify domain" link and you will get more intensive testing that includes all that we can think of as common and predictable problems.

Manual Steps You Can Try

Here are some things to check.

From the web, open
If you get the HotDoodle home page then your domain points to HotDoodle but we do not know what site belongs to that name. Edit your site publication and 'Config Domains'. Be sure that your domain is listed.

Is the IP address of the domain the same as that of Hotdoodle?
From a DOS, unix, or linux command prompt, issue the following commands
and look for the 'Reply from' IP address.  If these are not the same, then your domain does not point to the HotDoodle servers.

Are the name servers correct?
In a browser, type in the following URL:
(but use your real domain name instead of '')

You should see your information. If you do not, then you do not own the domain and will need to buy it. 

If you see your contact information, scroll down and look for the nameserver lines. Example:
  Name Server..........
  Name Server..........

If you do not see the HotDoodle name servers then you need to log into whoever sold you your domain and change the nameservers.

If you meant to not use the HotDoodle name servers, then you need to log into whatever manages your nameservers and correct the ANAME records.   Good luck with this.


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