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Article Display Options

On the main page articles may show the full text or just the introduction. If an introduction is displayed, the article has the option to omit or repeat the introduction in the new window. Some articles may not open and instead link to another web location. Also, an article introduction may maintain or keep its HTML formatting once expanded.

Article behavior is managed in the edit article configuration button accompanying article blocks. Read more for explanations regarding the configuration window.

The first configure piece is how the introduction (or summary) and the body are separated. The default is to separate after the first HTML break, paragraph, or sentence divide. Option two requires typing "" in the article edit mode to signify where the the introduction for the article begins before the expanded text. The last option is to remove all text separation and have all text displayed on main article page.

The second configuration piece is how much of the HTML in the introduction will be kept. One option is to keep all of it but this can sometimes look bad if the articles are heavily formatted. Another option is to strip all of it except for links, but this can sometimes make the text seem too uniform. The last option is to strip fancy stuff but to allow font, size, and color changes.

The last option is what to display when the article is opened. Note that if "Enable Links" is set the article can never be opened because the title will go to the specified link. Not showing the introduction for specific website design cases. For example, with testimonials the introduction can be the punch-line and the body can be the full report which probably has the punchline somewhere in its midst. Another example is having the introduction show a small image but to have the body show the same image in a larger format and then go on to have more images and explanations.

Here are some common mistakes:

  • Using the string and stripping HTML formatting. This is an error because the only reason to use a string is because you want more than one paragraph to be shown, but if formatting is stripped then it all mushes together back into one paragraph. The same problem cna happen if there is no seperation.
  • Enabling links and including bodies. With links enabled the body can never be shown. For links, the best practice is to set "There is no seperation, there is only the introduction" and to set "Fancy stuff is stripped" for the formatting.

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